Besides Chocolate, Here Are Some Gift Ideas You Can Give On Valentine’s Day

When Valentine arrives, you may be busy buying gifts for your lover. This is certainly a tradition practiced in all countries. Aside from chocolate, one of the gifts you can’t miss is a music box. With the custom music boxes, you can design music boxes according to the wishes and even the characters of your lover. This will be a unique and memorable gift for him.

If everyone competes to get chocolate on Valentine’s Day. So, you can give a music box, or even some of these foods to be unique and always remembered.

1. Macaroon
This tiny sweet cake is indeed very soft and adorable. You can be creative with its macaron shape and container. It also tastes good and doesn’t taste bad, so it’s just like to be consumed at any time.

2. Sandwich
In terms of cooking, a lot of equipment will make it easier for you to be creative. For example, a cookie cutter that can help you print heart-shaped bread.
You can make a delicious sandwich with stuff that he likes. The romantic message that is obtained will definitely feel more and more memorable.

3. Popcorn
Not always celebrating Valentine’s Day must be with a romantic meal a candlelight dinner. You, who are both film lovers, can spend both a movie marathon at home. Delicious popcorn can be the right snack for movie marathon friends.

4. Fruit salad
In addition to being healthy, not wanting to eat as much as anything will make you gain weight. You can be creative with red fruits, like watermelons, strawberries, and so on. You can also shape it like a heart to get a romantic impression.

5. Pizza
The last food that can replace the position of chocolate is pizza. As with bread, you can create creative toppings and unique shapes.
If you don’t want to be complicated, there are many variations of pizza that you can order specifically to eat together with him.