The installation of a window’s glass

With the nature of glass that is very easily broken and requires extra caution in handling, it should be noted that some important things when installing glass on the door/window. Glass mounting construction on the door/window can be done with a variety of methods, depending on the size of the wood, the frame material of the door/window, function, and thickness of the glass. Aside from that, don’t hesitate to call the experienced windows installer service, if you need the professional’s help in installing your windows.

How to install the glass on the door/window are as follows:

Place the door/window with the groove position located at the top. Try to place it on a table with a minimum area equal to the door leaf area. Or place it on a flat floor.

Blend the entire side of the glass so that it is not sharp.

Carefully attach the sheet of glass, use a piece of cardboard or cloth to hold the glass.

Put nails on the wood list before being installed on all four sides of the door/window.

After the trim is applied, slowly insert the nail with a hammer.

We recommend that you place a piece of cloth on the glass surface that is being installed with wood trim. This is to avoid scratches on the glass surface due to hammer movements.