Why Not All Workers Join The Trade Union

Even though the trade union can provide the number of advantages. There are still many workers who have the reason to not join it. For the related info or to get to know more about trade union, then you can visit Facket guiden. The small number of workers involved in a union is caused, among others:

The lack of protection from the government against freedom of association

In some countries, it is possible that the government and law enforcement officials are not strict in giving sanctions to employers who practice union busting, even though the suppression of trade unions is classified as a crime. This could be one reason why some workers are reluctant to join a trade union.

Flexible work system practice

Contract and apprenticeship conditions make workers not involved in a union, either because they are prohibited or feel discriminatory. Not a few trade unions do not want to involve workers who are contract workers and internships because they are considered to be troublesome advocacy.

Low wages in real terms

Nominally wages increase every year, but the increase is not proportional to the increase in basic needs. High economic burdens make many workers choose to increase working hours (overtime) rather than organizing / association.

The union is not serious about handling members’ cases

Many trade unions are not serious about handling members’ cases. In fact, several cases of union leaders emerged “exchanging” cases of members with personal interests. The workers then feel that there is no point in association.

Discrimination, double burden and sexual abuse of female workers

The rise of harassment and discrimination against women workers in the workplace should be a strong reason for women workers to fight for improved working conditions. However, the prohibition of families and couples has made the participation of women workers in trade unions low. Without any restrictions, a double burden prevents women from taking time to organize. The double burden makes women workers have to work in factories while still working on domestic job.