Consideration Factors When Buying the Unit of Condo

Currently, many people want to own a condo. But some of them are still confused to determine whether the condos they choose are the best. If you feel the same way, you don’t need to worry. Visit the website of mayfair gardens condo and find the best condo for you to stay in. We have a strategic location and facilities that are a pity to miss. Whenever you go to search the condominium to purchase, here are the factors to consider.


This sounds like the first factor many people consider. Do you know why? They say the most important rule in the real estate is location whether or not they have a plan to resell their property in the future. The condo with strategic location gives you the ease and access to enjoy more things, right? It isn’t only so close to your office but also surrounded with the public buildings like school, shopping center, hospital, MRT station, and much more.

The amenities

The amenities are another advantages of condo living, by which the tenants can enjoy a swimming pool, indoor tennis, family barbecue and more. Make sure you consider the amenities of the building whether you will make good use of them. Somehow, it’s not less important to know that more amenities mean higher condo fees. Different condo developer may offer the different amenities so check the one that fit your lifestyle and needs.

The size

Do you forget the size matters? When buying a condo this may become the final pointer but another must thing to keep in mind. Of course, you may not skip this or the regret waits for you. With whom will you live in the condominium? How many furniture and belongings do you want to have in your new modern housing unit? If the unit you choose is small enough then ask if you can upgrade to the larger one. Nothing to doubt that the comfortable must be the number one, especially you will live in the condo and spend your time there.