These two countries are considered to have the best school uniforms

For students who are still in school, uniforms are clearly part of their lives. Many of them use unique uniforms because of the rules of the school they entered. However, when choosing school uniforms you also have to pay attention to many things. Starting from comfortable materials and the right size.

However, some of these countries turned out to be considered to have the best uniforms.

– South Korea
Typical uniforms from this country can consist of shirts, blazers, and ties with skirts for female students and trousers for male students. They were released about the selection of shoes and socks. Whereas for government elementary school students, they do not have a group except a few private schools.

– Japan
Uniforms in this country are usually equipped with black blazers with short skirts that look sweet and socks are worn almost knee-length. Stylish design, rapid cuts, and the right accessories make the appearance of school children look fashionable.