Tips for storing items in the apartment

Narrow living areas sometimes cause problems, especially when you want to keep items to look neat. But we have a trick to keep things in the apartment to be neat that you can try. Aside from that, check out the recommended self storage service near you, if you want to store many items for a long time.

In the living room

Use the bookshelf

Bookshelves can be used not only to store books. Use this object to display photos or toys and DVDs. You can choose a bookshelf that is not too expensive and add a wallpaper behind the shelf to make it look more attractive.

Hang the TV

So that there is more room for other objects, hang your TV but place a table underneath to store movies and books. This will maximize its space and function.


Use a basket to store things you want to hide or reduce mess. Fill a pretty basket with kids toys, office equipment, cooking books, or other, then place a basket on the shelf or under the table so that it isn’t too visible.

Coffee table

Change your coffee table with ottoman storage. If you want a table-shaped ottoman, choose one that has a shelf or drawer underneath.

Use curved furniture

Put curved furniture, like a chair, in the corner of the room and use the area behind it to store a basket of things like your favorite CD collection.

Hidden storage

Take advantage of hidden storage as much as possible. In addition to raising the mattress, you can also use a tablecloth in the coffee table and store the items underneath so that they are not visible.

In the bedroom

High bed

Use a high bed so that there is space at the bottom. You can use this space to store boxes or other objects.

Side table

You can replace the side table with a decoration box or suitcase and fill it with clothes or shoes.


Add shelves to the top or bottom of the closet. That way you get an additional storage area.

The area behind the door

Add hooks behind the room door and inside the closet door.